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Navigating the world of drugs in real life is difficult enough – we want to make sure navigating it on this website is easy.

Below is the break down of how the information found under the “Drugs and Alcohol” topic is categorized so that you will know what is in “Drugs in General” (this post) and what else you can find in the different posts within this overall topic.

Drugs in General—That’s this post. Here, you will read about the risks of doing drugs in general and some of the reasons people use drugs. 

In the separate posts listed below, you will learn about each of the main categories of drugs, their effects and the dangers.

Alcohol—(Yes! It’s a drug) Learn more by reading the Alcohol post.

Marijuana—A plant that is usually smoked, it is regarded by some as  the “gateway” drug because its use usually predicts other uses: its risks will likely surprise you.

Ecstasy and other drugs on the scene—These are drugs often used on the “party” scene” but the dangers are anything but a party.

OTC and Prescription Drugs—OTC = Over The Counter: that’s when you can walk into your local drugstore and buy something without a prescription (such as cough syrup medications and diet pills). Prescription drugs such as opioids (pain killers), sedatives and stimulants (Ritalin) need to be prescribed by a doctor before a pharmacist will dispense them. Misuse of any of these legal drugs can be deadly and is linked to the heroin crisis.

Heroin and the opioid crisis—Here you will read about the crisis that is devastating our country, emotionally and financially. The death rate from opioid use is increasing at epidemic rates. Read this post to help alter that trend.

InhalantsInhalants are products that, when inhaled (surprise!), cause a high. (The risks are high too, don’t be fooled by what your friends might think.)

Smoking (& Vaping)Smoking causes 1,300 deaths per DAY in the U.S.. And yet, with vaping, it is something that is now on the rise. Read this post to get the facts.

(Source: https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/fast_facts/index.htm)

Addiction—The process of addiction is rather fascinating. Little did WE know how many brain structures are involved and how much it will control your life. Read this post to learn how to avoid being addicted to anything.

Okay, now you know where to go to get the detailed answers you need!

Stay tuned here for the general 411…

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