What Would U Do: Drugs in General

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You are at a party with your best friends, no parents are home. Your friend’s older sibling walks into the room and asks anyone if they want to smoke a joint. You would:

Is this because you don't want to offend your friend? Is this because you think your friend makes better decisions than you? What would it take for you to make the decision on your own?

Is that because people make better decisions than you? When is it okay for you to make decisions on your own?

Way to think for yourself and act on it.

Well, you are thinking for yourself but maybe you are not thinking about what is best for your body? For your future? For your brain?

We can't argue with that decision. Smart move.

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You are camping in the woods with your friends. One of them brought mushrooms and says, “Hey guys, this is the perfect time to try it. No adults are around, we aren’t going home tonight and so by the morning we’ll all be fine and no one will know.” You would:

So maybe you are curious and the risk of getting caught is the only reason stopping you. Just remember that you are in the woods and mushrooms can make you hallucinate. Is it really safe? (Not to mention that taking any drug is never safe.)

Well, you feel strongly don't you? We can't blame you. This could be a very dangerous situation.

Good for you for overcoming temptation and staying the course of good decisions. That can be tough. Have an extra s'more!

Solid. You know who you are and what you want. Do you want a s'more?

Letting the majority decide may be easier for you but letting other people make your important decisions is not a habit we would encourage you to develop. Think about what it would take for you to make your own decision.

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You turn the corner in school and see two kids quickly shove something in their pockets as they look at you with suspicion. They quickly walk away but as you approach the spot where they were standing, you notice something on the floor. It’s a pink pill with a smiley face. You would:

Not only may you be picking up some serious germs, but you may end up la-la land in your next class. How are you going to explain trying to kiss your science teacher to your parents? To your friends? That's if that pink smiley face isn't laced with something dangerous. Please don't pick this option.

You really don't have any idea what could be in that pill. Are you sure you want to take the risk?

We hear ya! But maybe you could step on it?;)

Hmmm, neighborly yes. But smart? Maybe not. You could be returning something to them that harms them. You could get caught with it your self.

Good thinking. But do it right away so that you don't end up walking around for three periods with that in your pocket.

Understandable. You trust your parents will know the right thing to do. But do realize you will have an illegal substance (most likely) on you.

Good thinking. Good riddance.

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