Dream symbols

Dream analysts believe that dreams speak in the language of the unconscious and therefore dreams use symbols to make their points. A term or image is symbolic when it means more than it expresses. 

A symbol transforms unconscious psychic energy into conscious experience!

So when you think about your dreams, look for subtle or blatant hints of symbolism. Where to look? Here are a few suggestions:

A good ending as a symbol: Maybe you saved a cat in a tree. Besides the elements of the dream (you, cat, tree) and their significance to you, what relevance does your heroic act play in your reality? Did you save someone or something or were you cowardly and your dream is compensating? Only YOU know the real answer and your feelings will guide you to it.

Cars, buses, trains, as symbols: Modes of transportation are symbolic in that they may represent where you are headed in life and how well you can get there. When not working, it may represent that you are stuck in some aspect of your life. Maybe you are in a job that leads nowhere. You might have a dream that your car breaks down. You may be in a relationship that is going nowhere and you dream you are in a race but unable to run. There are a million ways to translate the dream, but the themes are similar.

DID YOU KNOW? Blind people’s dreams use different senses, like sound and smell.

High places in your dreams: “Dreams of high places, balloons, airplanes, flying and falling often accompany states of consciousness characterized by fictitious assumptions, overestimation of oneself, unrealistic opinions, and grandiose plans,” says Jung (read about him in the Bonus YSS – he was the first major dream interpreter).

Symbols found in Mother Nature: Trees represent Mother Nature (mother represents protection and nurturing). For example, if a tree is cut down in a dream, ask yourself about the state of your relationship with the people that protect and nurture you: is everything in your life healthy in this area? Animals are said to represent instincts, especially emotional ones (mammals only, not reptiles) while water represents emotion, like tears but salt water is more emotional than fresh water (also more like tears, get it?).

Death as a symbol: A death or killing in a dream may represent a transformation or an opportunity for a rebirth. Perhaps it means that a part of you is dying in order for another part of you to be born. One teenager we know was worried that she dreamed her mom was dying and that she wasn’t upset in her dream. We explained that it probably meant that an attachment to her mom was dying as she was growing up and becoming more independent. She thought about that in the context of the other elements of her dream and it made the most sense to her.


POST QUESTION: What symbols were in your dream last night? What did they mean to you?

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