Wow. I had the most bizarre dream last night…

Oh, me too! I dreamt that I went to school in my pajamas, like my pink princess ones that I wore when I was five and…

That’s not bizarre Taylor, lots of people have that dream. The pajama part that is, not the pink princess pajamas part.

Yeah, my pajamas-in-school dream is definitely not pink princess, thank goodness, but last night’s dream was really odd. I was at home, but it was underwater, but I could breathe, and then my Aunt Myrtle called me through my computer screen so I climbed into the computer – like that was totally normal to do – and inside I was having tea with the Queen of England and my history teacher was our waitress and she was using my text book as her serving tray. 

Did you try to order anything? I’d have ordered an A!! Get it??

Yeah, getting an A really would be in your dreams, Taylor. 

 I didn’t order anything. The Queen started to drink her tea which I somehow knew was poisoned so I screamed and went to reach for her cup and I hit the lamp off my nightstand and woke up. I mean, really, what was that about???

Steve’s dream could mean lots of different things, or maybe nothing at all, depending on what you believe. Some people believe dreams are random and don’t relate to reality at all. Other people believe that they offer insight into the unconscious mind. Others believe that dreams can predict the future. What do you believe? Perhaps this post will help you to decide for yourself. It will cover:

Why We Dream

Different Types of Dreams and Themes

Nightmares Versus Night Terrors

Dream Interpretation 101

Dream Symbols

Tips to Remember Your Dreams

Bonus YSS: Carl Jung the Dream Master

(Many thanks to http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/284378.php for much of the information provided in these posts.)

POST QUESTION: Do you believe dreams have a hidden meaning?

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