Different types of dreams and themes

Some dreams are pleasant, some are strange, some are exhilarating, some are unpleasant and some can be down right terrifying. Dreams are as varied as the people who have them!! Believe it or not though, researchers have found that several different themes are common in dreams. That is, even though we all have largely different lives, many of us share common events in our dreams. Here are just a few common experiences that people report having in their dreams [this is not an exhaustive (all-inclusive) list]:

being chased; falling; arriving too late; flying; failing an exam; being frozen with fright; a person now dead being alive or vise versa; being nude (YES! you are not the only one!!); insects or spiders; your teeth falling out/losing your teeth; being inappropriately dressed; fire; discovering a new room at home; snakes; having magical powers; being unable to find, or embarrassed about using a toilet; seeing yourself in a mirror; being a member of the opposite sex

Some dreams are recurring, that is people  have them over and over again, and unfortunately, they tend to contain some type of threat or fear. This supports the idea that dreams are a way of helping people to manage difficult and/or unconscious emotions.

DID YOU KNOW? Lucid dreams are when the dreamer actually knows that he/she is dreaming and can therefore manipulate the dream to some extent! Lucid dreams are relatively rare for adults. They are actually more common in young children and seem to drop in frequency and ability at about age 16.

Some dreams include bits and pieces of what a person did that day. When something from your day is included in a dream, it is called “day residue.” When something that happened last week appears in your dream, this experience is called “the dream-lag effect.”

Other dreams seemingly predict the future while others help people solve problems they are having by providing a burst of creativity (some musicians dream of songs to be written).  And, of course, some dreams are absolutely frightening…


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