What Would U Do: Dreams

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For the past three nights you have been having terrible recurring nightmares about man-eating porcupines. You wake up clutching your covers, panting, and having a hard time getting back to sleep. Your friend invites you to sleep over tomorrow night. You would:

What if your friend asks you about your nightmares? Will you share them?

Are you going to do anything about the nightmares? Will you tell your parents? Wait it out?

What do you expect your friend will say?What type of game plan will you have with your friend?

If your friend were having night terrors and sleeping at your house, would you want to know ahead of time?

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Just before going to sleep at your house, your friend tells you that she has been having night terrors recently. Sure enough, that night you wake up to find her shaking and muttering in the corner of your closet. You try to wake her but you can’t. You would:

Always a good choice! What will you say if they yell at you for waking them up?

Is that what you would want your friend to do if you were having the night terror?

Is that what you would want your friend to do if you were having the night terror?

That's really empathic. Is there a point though at which you might seek help? When would that be?

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You have a recurring dream where your fingernails keep growing and growing until they are so long you can’t use your hands anymore. Your friend Beyonce tells you the dream means you feel useless in life and helpless to do anything about it. Your friend Gavin tells you the dream means you have deep psychological problems with your mother, because your mother has really long nails. You would:

What made you side with Beyonce?

What made you believe in Gavin?

What will you do with the winning information? How will it affect you?

What does it mean to you?

Have you cut your nails recently though?

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