More codes? These two are equally as important as BAC. DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence, DWI is Driving While Intoxicated. So no matter which one you use, or which one your State uses, DUI and DWI are illegal and deadly. 

Due to the depressant effects of alcohol, a person is just not physically capable of driving safely when intoxicated (drunk). When someone is intoxicated, his/her

reaction time is slowed so that he or she can not respond to the normal demands of driving. Overall coordination is impaired, attention is impaired and decision making is impaired—all things that you need to drive safely. You can not drive safely if you are intoxicated. As noted in the BAC sub-post, you would be charged with a DUI/DWI if you drive with a BAC of .08 or higher in most states, .10 in all states.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is just not something anyone should ever do. But people have done it, and as a result:

We could drown you in facts and stats and info-graphics about the dangers of drinking and driving. Many of you may likely know someone who has already been affected. But the point here is to get you to think about how YOU feel and will act when it comes to drinking and driving. 

Be completely honest with yourself and think of what will happen if you are in a situation where people are drinking and potentially driving. What will you do? What will you not do? Who can you call? What EXACTLY would you say? How will you know NOT to get in a car?

TIP! Thinking about these things beforehand can make a big difference when you are in a situation that is unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Be prepared. Have a plan. NEVER get in a car with someone who you know has been drinking.

Have you ever heard of a designated driver? Designated drivers (DD’s) are people who have chosen NOT to drink and be the driver to get everyone home safely. Thankfully, this concept has grown in popularity over the decades. People still drink and drive but today, people are far more aware of the concept of a DD, and they stick with it, or they call an Uber;-). 

If you know teens who are experimenting with alcohol, make sure they have a designated driver. You will be saving their lives and possibly your own. Don’t forget that drunk drivers often kill innocent people who are not in their cars when they drive drunk, innocent people like you and your family.

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Who will you call if you need someone to drive you safely home?

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