Why care about the past – it’s over?

Exactly. So if it’s over, then why do we spend so much time analyzing it? 

Because it teaches us about life. 

Why did I let my brother borrow my basketball? Now it’s lost forever.

Why did I go out with Sam Saturday night? Now I have regret.

Why did I go to lunch with Kendra last week when I hardly know her? We had a blast!

Why did I eat that huge chocolate cake with fudge after the batch of brownies? Now I feel sick.

The point is that we learn from the past. Our past provides valuable information for our future, especially when we make those connections:

Loaning my brother things – I learned he loses things so maybe think twice about loaning things to my younger brother until he is older and more responsible or, at least, keep a closer watch on him while he has my things. 

Sam on a date – Maybe not a good idea. I don’t want to be in that position ever again.  I learned that good looks don’t make for a great date and that I didn’t know quite what to do, but I will now if that ever happens again.

Lunch with Kendra – Awesome! I learned I should take more chances and reach out to people outside of my friend group.

Chocolate cake and feeling sick – Ew. Don’t do that again. How many times do I need to eat too much cake to realize it only makes me feel sick? I learned that too much of a good thing can be a really bad thing. I need to watch what I eat more closely.

If we didn’t think about the consequences of the past, we wouldn’t know so much about how to act and who we are today. The past influences us in profound ways and yet, it does not determine who we will be. We do.



Read that again, because it is important. The past influences you, but you still have free will and so you determine just HOW it will influence you. You determine how you respond to the past. 

Which is exactly the topic of the next post….

Post Question:

In general, when you think about the past, what feelings pop up? Name at least three.

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