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You keep having this flashback that feels really real but you can't really tell if it happened or not. The flashback is scary and upsetting and you really wish it would stop happening. You would...

It's hard to face upsetting things, especially if you don't really know what they are about. We're not one for ignoring things like this ourselves, so maybe you would at least read about past experiences and then decide.

Distraction does work well with many things, but generally not with flashbacks. (Just to let you know.)

Excellent first step. May we emphasize first step? Make sure you explore what is happening.

Another solid first step. Is your friend well versed in this area, or perhaps can offer you enough support to help you find someone who is?

You want to deal with it your self and we get that. But don't be afraid to reach out for more help if you need it. Flashbacks can require extra care.

Excellent first step.

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You are at a party with your friends and they start talking about how divorce really screws people up and that when parents are divorced, the kids are, like, well seriously messed up. Your parents are divorced. You don't feel messed up. You would....

It's just talk. It won't affect you.

You're not afraid of a little debate and you want these guys to know that what happens in your past does not HAVE to "mess you up."

Don't let talk like that get you down. Your past experiences are yours to deal with - they can make you messed up or super strong. It all depends on how you choose to handle them.

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