Your Summer (Work) Time

Updated December, 2018.

(Ordering at a coffee shop.) Yeah, um, could I have an iced grande – oh my gosh, hey, Steve, I didn’t know you worked here.

Hey, Nicki. Yeah, just started three days ago.

But I thought you mowed lawns and worked at the computer place over on Grenville.

I did. I mean, I do. But it’s summer time so I took an extra job in the evenings to make some more money.

Wow, that’s cool. Do you like it?

Not as much as the computer place, but who knows. I just started and maybe I’ll end up inventing a new drink or something while I am here.

You would do that – but don’t do it on mine. I just want an iced grande mocha-java chip coffee please.

You got it. Anything else?

Nope. Thanks.

No problem… and hey, how did you know I worked at the computer store? I’ve never seen you in there.

Oh – look – my coffee’s up! Thanks! Gotta go!


Not all people need to have three summer jobs like Steve, but using your summer time wisely may include finding and securing a job. For some people, summer is travel time. For others, it’s relax and chill time. For others still, it’s time to catch up on some learning. Some people even go to camp. But some people do look at summer as a time to earn some money, acquire some job skills and maybe even discover a passion. And if you are planning on going to college, having work experience is a big plus on your college resume (or any resume!). Why? In the next few posts, you can find the answer to that question and many more questions you might have related to summer time jobs. Here’s what will be covered:

Why have a summer job?

Being your own boss – the entrepreneur route

Having a boss – the traditional job route

Top 12 traditional summer job suggestions

Bonus YSS: Internship? Volunteer? 

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What do you usually do with your summer time?

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