What Would U Do: Your Summer (Work) Time

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You’ve been searching for a job all spring and can’t find one. Summer is approaching fast. Your next door neighbor says, “Hey, I need someone to work for me at my business. I pay minimum wage.” You know his business and think it would be the most dreadful job of all time. You would:

Lies are tricky. Although lying may tend to be the easiest way out of an uncomfortable and limiting situation such as this one, how will you explain this lie if you never end up getting a job?

Straight forward and honest, bravo. How will you react if your neighbor starts being rude to you and seems to take offense to your answer?

Although it may be smart to take the first job you are offered, is it fair to your neighbor to be led to believe that you will work for them all summer? How would you feel if the business was about to go under because you abruptly left?

Toughing it out may not be the worst thing if it's just for a summer. But what if your neighbor wants you to continue working the next summer because you ended up being the best employer ever?

A noble way of turning the position down. What if your neighbor starts to beg, explaining that the business is in need of serious help and you can get paid at whatever price you name?

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You take a job at the local diner waiting tables. You have a customer that comes in everyday and is really rude to you. You would:

Tempting and probably fair. But what if your manager takes notice that you are being rude to the customer and threatens to fire you? "The customer is always right," says your manager...

Sneaky...and probably illegal. This may seem like a good way of seeking revenge, but what if word gets out and the diner is forced to go out of business? Or starts losing business? Would it really have been worth it?

You must be responsible and wise! However, there's always a chance that your boss brushes it and tells you to quit complaining. What then?

This could work, but what if the customer requests that you wait on him/her?

"Kill them with kindness" as the saying goes. This may be the best way to keep good tips coming, but at what point will it start to bug you? It's important not to let people get the best of you but it's just as important to stand up for yourself and avoid sweeping things under the rug.

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You get two job offers for the summer: one for your dream job that does not pay well, one for a terrible job that pays really well. You would:

Driven by passion! Very admirable of you, but what if you take the job and it ends up being the very opposite of dreamy?

Driven by income! What if you start the job and end up getting demoted and receive less pay? Will you work your way back up to the well-paid position? Will you quit?

An impressive endeavor! However, unless you have all the time in the world, this may get tricky. What if neither jobs have set schedules and the go on a week-to-week basis? Will it be worth the negotiations? Or what if both jobs require you work on the weekends?

High standards!! It is important to always value yourself and seek the best, but what if you come up short and don't find the best of both worlds? What if there's never a job that will meet both requirements?

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