Bonus YSS: Tips on how to quit

Don’t start but if you have, here’s how to QUIT

DID YOU KNOW? Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States.


You’ll need help to quit, or if you know someone who smokes or vapes, chances are they will need help. The likelihood of quitting successfully in regards to smoking and vaping is largely increased by getting help.

  • If you like to call toll free lines, please try 800-QUIT NOW (800-784-8669)
  • If you like to talk to people in person, please see a therapist and consider some behavior therapy, which has been proven to be effective. Or you may wish to find a therapist skilled in hypnosis, which has also been reported to have success.
  • If you like to try over the counter ideas, nicotine patches and gums are available to curb the addictive qualities of smoking.
  • And if you are strong like bull, and have an incredible desire and motivation, then just quit cold-turkey. People do it all the time, although the success rates are higher with other supportive methods.

No matter what route you take, we suggest you tell people about your intentions to quit. The people who love you will support you. The more you “put it out there,” the more real it becomes (did you read the part in The Your Self Series books about thoughts, words and deeds?).

You will need to make some plans to quit and you will need to get plenty of support from friends and family. So, if you hang out with people who smoke or vape, you may need to not hang out with them for a while—until you are strong enough to be with them without the urge to smoke or vape.

It is not easy to quit, which is why we emphasize the importance of never starting or at least stopping before you’re so addicted that for you, quitting feels impossible (that’s just a feeling, not reality).

Some people worry that they will gain weight if they stop smoking. Is this a fear for you?

If so, read up on nutrition and exerciseyou do NOT have to gain weight when you give up smoking and/or vaping.

Here’s the real deal, just so you know what you may be up against:

In one typical study, 40% of teens who tried to quit relapsed in one week or less; only 3% had stayed smoke-free a year later. That’s a staggering statistic. Only 3%. But you can be one of that 3%. In fact, we are hoping, as more teens begin to understand why they choose to smoke and examine who they wish to be, that 3% will grow to 100%… or perhaps teens will never start smoking in the first place.

So, before you light up, ask yourself:

Do I want to be part of that 3%?


Do I want to damage my lungs, my heart, my brain, my lifestyle and my future?


Do I want to cause harm to other people with the side effects caused by secondhand smoke?


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