Nutrition I

Updated September, 2018.

Ewww, gross- what is that green goo you are drinking Harrison? Did you sneeze into a cup?

No, it’s my morning wheatgrass shake. It has tons of vitamins and gives me energy for the day.

Does it taste as terrible as it looks?

 Well, it isn’t as good as an Oreo milkshake but it makes me feel great. 

I could never drink that.

Well you should, getting proper nutrition is really important Taylor and you aren’t going to get it from the gum you are chewing….

Harrison is right. Proper nutrition is really important to feel great and have lasting energy. But before we get to what to eat, what exactly do we mean by Nutrition? What’s the big deal with eating well anyway?

Nutrition means “the act of nourishing.” (Don’t you hate that, when people define a word using pretty much the same word? Hang on! We won’t leave you with that!) To nourish means:

to sustain with food or nutrient; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth. (

So, when you learn about nutrition you are learning about the foods you need for LIFE, GROWTH and HEALTH. Dang, that’s pretty big! And that’s why this section of the site contains a lot of information.

So why is maintaining proper nutrition essential to your health? Without proper nutrition you are more likely to get sick (because your immune system can’t work as well), have skin break outs, have poor concentration, have bad breath, feel sluggish, feel moody, lack coordination, lack motivation… should we go on? Food is the fuel that you give your body to work and grow. Without proper nutrition, your body can not function at its best, and that is one of the main points of this site: helping you to be the best you can be. So let’s just get into it…. here are the topics you will cover in this post Nutrition 1:

MyPlate: Proportions and calories

Building blocks to a balanced diet

Fruits and vegetables

Great grains

Protein power

Doing dairy

Foundational fats

Exercise, weight and H2O

Bonus YSS: Calcium

Bonus YSS: Fiber facts

Bonus YSS: A healthy weight

Post Question:

What do you consider to be a healthy diet? 

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