What Would U Do: Nutrition I: The Plate

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You are consistently late for the bus and miss risking it if you stop for breakfast. You would:

Ummm... and go without a brain for the rest of the day. Just saying;.

You know food is important, but so is getting to school. What will you do next time? Can you think of a grab and go healthy breakfast that you can have in tight spots like these?

Umm... potato chips and cookies for breakfast? You need to eat something but may we suggest fruit and nuts next time (because you put them in a bag the night before, just in case)?

Good thinking... except that now you don't have enough fuel for the afternoon. Do you have pocket money to buy something at school (from the cafeteria, not the vending machine)? Breakfast is really important. Plan ahead so that when you sleep late and your lunch goes early, you're okay.

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Your friend wants you to try a new food that is super healthy but that looks gross. You would:

You're in for anything that's healthy, brave soul.

You don't want to hurt your friends feeling that her snack looks like vomit. We get cha. Maybe close your eyes next time and try?

Eating something that looks gross does seem strange, so we get it. Just make sure your diet is healthy on its own... and that you never find your self starving!

Just make sure you ate something healthy so you have enough energy to run.

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