Final considerations

Sex is a natural act, but it is one in which requires care and consideration before entering into it. Many laws exist to make sure young people are kept safe. We provide you with facts (sometimes humorously so as not to lose your interest) so you know what you are doing and the potential consequences. We believe that when you are informed you have a better chance to make a solid decision that is right for you. 

Yeah, talking about this stuff with parents is tough sometimes. We understand it can feel very awkward. That’s why we provide you with this information. You decide what you do with it. 

Please be smart and careful about sex.

Any time you have sex you put yourself at risk for pregnancy and/or STD’s. Even if you choose to use protection (none is 100% fool proof). Even if you have sex during menstruation.  Even if it is your first time.

Sex is a special part of a relationship and as such, deserves a lot of respect, nurturing and understanding. You may choose to engage in any number of sexual acts with any number of people, but the more you do so, the greater your risk of catching a disease and spreading it. Please read about STDs here.

Make sure sex is consensual – that means that both parties agree, totally agree, are completely sure and absolutely, positively up to the task with NO reservations or hesitations or anything…. nothing… no problems. In a phrase, make sure you have permission.  Having sex against someone’s will is rape and is a crime. It’s a horrible, horrible thing to do to someone.  

And, we ask that you remember that having sex without proper protection comes with the great possibility that you will produce a child and/or contract an STD.  Both will change your life forever.

For girls, we ask that you to remember that if you do have sex and become pregnant, YOU will be pregnant, not your partner. You will spend 9 months growing a baby and likely the rest of your life caring for your baby, unless you give that child up for adoption, which comes with a whole other set of emotional consequences. The male with whom  you are having sex will not bear as big a burden, even if he stands by your side throughout the whole experience. He can walk away (not that he will, but many have).   The point is, he doesn’t risk as much as you do by having sex. Your life will likely be impacted more.  

When you feel you are ready for sex, please be informed and please use contraception if you are not having sex with the explicit goal of having a child. 

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