What Would U Do – Reproduction

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You are going to ask you parents if you can go to the movies in 10 minutes. When you get to the door you hear lots of strange creaking and cooing noises (OMG, are they doing that??). You would…


Daily dose of Awwwk-ward!

How's the view with your head in the sand?

Chocolate or vanilla?

Leaving Awk-wardville.... entering boredom from no movie. Hey, we hear ya.

Awk-ward for you and your friend!

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The cutie next door is finally talking to you… he starts to talk about sex and how cool it would be to “do it” in the next few months. You would….

Ha ha ha.... you did read STD's and making good decisions right? Right? Right???!!!! Because the first one is really not that funny.

You read this entire link and STD's right? Right??? RIGHT????!!!!! And Making Good Decisions???? And Healthy Relationships???

And stand tall while you are doing it!

Ummm... we totally get the awkwardness of the situation but always make sure you make decisions that are right for you. The weather changes daily, we don't want your self-esteem to do the same.

You have one... go live it.

No one should have to smile while dying. If something makes you that uncomfortable, it's a warning sign. Remember to always do what is right for you - that's what should make you smile.

Hey, someone had to point out the obvious to him. Why not you?

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You’ve been dating for 6 months now and your partner starts to talk about having sex. You would:

May we suggest finishing reading this section first and then moving onto STD's? Just a thought.

Did you read STD's and Reproduction thoroughly? Just asking.

You don't want to go there. We get it. Hope your partner gets it too.

You really don't want to go there. We get it.

Always an option.

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Your friend confides in you that she is having unprotected sex. You would:

Do you know she is risking her life? How would you feel is she got pregnant or ill?

Check the box for being a good friend.

Anger is understandable for sure!

Tears are understandable! She could really get hurt.

Have you checked your definition of a good friend lately?

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If you were watching TV with your parents and a sex scene came on, what would you do?

The louder the better, right?

You might be in there awhile! But who cares, right?

When will you "pretend" to wake up?

How was their day? You really wanted to know that, didn't you?

Do you think they would fall for it?

You were adopted, right?

No need to get bent out of shape, right?

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