Updated January, 2019.

Get this, last night my brother asked me where babies come from. 

Hilarious. What did you say?

Please tell me you told him the truth.

You mean that they are delivered on the doorstep early in the morning with directions?

Uh, yeah, right, Taylor. No, I started to tell him and then realized I wasn’t even sure if all my info was right.  I mean some of this stuff is weird.

What’s weird about a doorbell ringing?

OMG, now that’s weird.

Let’s clarify this one. The internet is full of information on this topic, which could make your eyeballs fall out, but we’re going to give it to you straight. You really do need to know all about reproduction for a variety of reasons. Top of that list, though, is keeping you safe and informed to make smart choices about sex. (Yes, we just said SEX. we’re going to say it a lot in this section… so you might as well get used to it. In fact, say the next line out loud, so you do get used to it: Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.)  

Teaching sex education is critical to your health and to the health of those around you. Let’s be real: You’re probably curious at least about the facts and we can give those to you straight up so that you will be informed. Because, along the way, when you have to make choices in this area, you are unlikely to make good choices if you aren’t informed. 

So here are the SUB-POSTS:

Puberty- The gender differences

The MALE reproductive system

The FEMALE reproductive system

What is a period? (and we’re not talking this “.”)


The journey of egg and sperm

Gender and twins

Final considerations

Bonus YSS: Birth control

Bonus YSS: Circumcision

Bonus YSS:  Abortion

Post Question:

How does discussing this subject feel? Wigged out? or “It’s just science?”

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