Foot and mouth

Feet First: 

Smelly feet? Yes, B.O. of the feet occurs because the sweat from your feet gets stuck in your socks giving bacteria the time to break down those proteins. To help keep your toes-ies smelling rose-ies, wash regularly and between toes with an antibacterial soap, wear clean socks with man-made fibers (cotton, wool), pumice your feet (that’s when you get rid of the dead skin with a pumice stone – another natural tool for health) and go barefoot when you can!

But! Be careful to wear shoes when in public places, especially locker rooms, swimming pools and public showers, to avoid getting Athlete’s foot. Wait! Athlete’s foot?! Sounds athletic, don’t I want it? NO!!! Athlete’s foot is not a good thing, it’s an itchy thing! It’s a rash on the skin of the feet caused by a fungus that grows on the top layer of the skin and not only does it itch but it burns as well. Fungus likes warm, wet places, so dry carefully between your toes and wear flip flops in warm weather to allow your feet to air out and not trap the moisture, as well as in public places where athlete’s foot can spread. If you do get Athlete’s foot, check with your doctor to make sure it is Athlete’s foot. If it is, it can be treated with over-the-counter medications. (source:

Bad Breath: We’ve all experienced it… breath that could knock you out faster than a right hook. Not many things rival bad breath in turning people off, you just can’t concentrate on what someone is saying when her breath stinks. We know! Even if what he is saying is really important. Forget hearing about if Sam is going to ask you out or not, all you can think is: Go out? I need to get out!

What causes it?  The number one cause is poor dental hygiene, so follow our dental care advice (CLICK HERE). That advice includes brushing your teeth, seeing your dentist regularly and no smoking (CLICK HERE to read about smoking). Also drink plenty of water and if you consistently seem to have bad breath start keeping track of the foods you eat. Certain foods can cause bad breath for some people. Persistent bad breath can be a result of gum disease. So if bad breath continues to be a problem, see your dentist… and carry breath mints!

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What do you do when you realize you have bad breath? Do you tell your friend when he or she does?

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    I get some gum
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