What Would U Do: Personal Hygiene

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Your friend has just terrible breathe regularly. You would:

Too awkward for you both?

That's what a good friend does, right?

Subtle but smart.

Not so subtle, do you think he'll get the hint?

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Your friend goes to the bathroom. You can tell she doesn’t wash her hands afterwards. She then hands you a cookie (that you really wanted). You would:

Hey, you wanted that cookie right?!! Isn't there a 15 second rule on cookie holding?

How do you know the part you are nibbling was nobbled by a germ? Just asking.

Is she going to pull it out of the bag or you this time?

No germs and no cookie. Ahhh, the yin and yang of the situation.

You stay strong in your convictions... that's a good thing. Just make sure you do it in a way that she won't feel 100% embarrassed, if that is at all possible. Is it? Whether or not it is, reminding her gently about hand washing is helpful.

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Your friend walks in with the worst hair cut you’ve ever seen. She loves it. You would:

If it's good for her, it's good for you.

At least you are not lying, right!? A good way to be supportive.

And she counts you as a friend?

Your need to be honest is admirable.


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You had lice recently. You think you have gotten rid of it when your friend asks to borrow your comb. You would:


Honesty is the best policy you think.




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