Nutrition II

Updated September, 2018.

I can’t take it any more. I just got finished with Nutrition One and now I see there’s a nutrition Two? It’s too much information for me. I was hoping to get my nails done today.

I’ll take it from here, Taylor. You did such a good job on the first nutrition go-round. There is a lot of information to digest. Get it? Digest?

Thanks for starting the dialogue guys but Taylor, if you want nice nails the best thing you can do is know this information. The proper foods reduce the risk of splitting nails.

Really? Oh, well in that case, maybe I won’t split like my nails or a banana. Get it—nutrition jokes?

Ugh, I don’t know whose joke was worse really. So since this post deals with risks and tips, I’ve got news for the two of you: Don’t try to earn you livings as comedians…

This section on Nutrition covers many of the risks from eating a poor diet and some rockin’ fantastic cool and easy-to-swallow tips for making healthier choices. After all, what’s the point of learning about the risks if we don’t help you to avoid them?

Nutrition I covered healthy eating and the different types of food groups found on MyPlate. It’s pretty important stuff. But so is Nutrition 2: Risks and Tips.

First, you’re going to read about the risks of eating a poor diet, such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, sugar addiction. Studies have shown that sugar is highly addictive—even more than nicotine—which is why it’s so hard to kick the habit of eating too much sugar. You’ll learn more about sugar within these posts and then how to make simple substitutions that can help. Then we’ll move on to the good news: that you can avoid all of those risks by making healthy choices. You’ll learn tips to eat well, how to keep your blood sugar stable, and even how to navigate reading ingredient labels.
The breakdown is as follows:



3 more risks!

The scoop(s) on sugar

Sugar—the different choices

The zone


DID YOU KNOW? Your diet is basically your eating habits. People often say, “Are you on a diet?” when asking someone if they are trying to lose weight by eating a certain way. But everyone is on a diet! Your diet is what you eat. Some diets help you to lose weight, others to gain weight. We want yours to be healthy and right for you.

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