What Would U Do: Nutrition II

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You hear that your favorite snack is linked to cancer. You would:

When will you start worrying about it?

How about a little research on your own?

Ahhh... good thinking.

You're not taking any risks with your health. That's a good thing. Read up on it, and make informed decisions.

Ummm... be careful, if you are calling to get their opinion, it will be biased.

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Your friend, who is struggling with obesity, asks you to diet with her. You do not have a weight problem. You would:

Very reasonable.

What type of support are you willing to offer if any?

Very reasonable- a good friend move. Remember, "Diet" is different for each of you. Your current healthy eating may be just the diet she needs.

Just make sure you are getting enough calories and nutrients to support your lifestyle... and that you don't end up resenting her for your choice to join her.

A little exercise never hurt anyone right? Just don't finish the jog with an ice cream sundae.

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You discover that your friend, who is obese, is hoarding candy in his locker. You would:

Always a smart tactic. Though you may feel you are tattling, this is really a move to help your friend. Don't feel bad.

Telling your friends is okay if you are telling them to gather advice and support. It's not okay if you are telling them to gossip or ridicule. But we know you knew that. Think about your intentions.

Gently right? With all the concern in the world and words of support too, right? Letting a friend know that you know can be a lifeline, but you do need to be sensitive.

Not your problem? When is a friend's problem your problem? We are not judging! We are just asking a question. We want you to know when, in your mind, it will be the right time to step in.

We understand the motive but it probably won't get to the heart of the issue. And it might be filled later and you might get caught. Hmmm.

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Your friend is diagnosed with diabetes but continues to binge on sugary sodas daily. You would:

When is a friend's problem your business? We are not judging! We are just asking a question. We want you to know when, in your mind, it will be the right time to step in.

We get it. It can be uncomfortable to discuss things like this, but it will be even more uncomfortable watching your friend get sicker. So what can you do that you will be comfortable with?

You are willing to step up to the plate (no pun intended) for your friend. That's great. Be sure to listen to her feelings and remember that diabetes can be tough. We know you are there for her.

Knowing that lots of people care about you can be a very comforting thing. It may also be overwhelming. Make sure your friend feels supported and not attacked.

When in doubt, parents help you out. Sounds silly, but it's true.

Hmmm... not our choice but choices are always up to you. What makes you nervous about telling her your self?

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