Updated June, 2018.

Hi Nicki. I saw you sitting with Amy at lunch yesterday… Are you two friends? I haven’t seen you guys hanging out since second grade.

What? No! I stopped hanging out with her in second grade because she wasn’t a very good friend to me. And now, all she does is gossip about people. She sat down next to me yesterday but I couldn’t, like, get up and leave. But she’s not my friend.

That’s a tough one. I get not wanting to be mean to someone by leaving but then again, having to hang out with someone you don’t like and listen to all that stuff…

Yeah, it was really awkward. And she said stuff about people I know that made me really uncomfortable. I told her so but she still kept going.

What did you say?

 I told her that Harrison was a friend of mine so I would appreciate it if she didn’t talk behind his back…

Wait? She was talking about Harrison? What did she say?

Taylor!! Don’t you get it? I don’t want to talk about Harrison behind his back! That’s not being a good friend.

Well, I don’t know… maybe it is if she was saying how hot he was and all…

Just what does “being a good friend” mean? Have you ever really thought about it? Given that your social world is huge right now (for most teens), this might be a good time to explore this topic. This post will cover:


What do you value in a friend?

Popularity and peer pressure

The changing face of friendships

Some valuable friendship skills

Bonus YSS: Am I an introvert or extrovert?

Post Question:

Is it important to you to be popular? Why?

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What's being said

  • wlkhs1321
    Posted at 16:40h, 08 November Reply

    I value many traits in a friend. Mainly, I value a fun, loyal, and trustworthy friend who will always have my back. I love a friend who is respectful to me and my peers, and will always be open to introduce me to others and vice versa. I value an open, honest person who is easy to trust and confide in without feeling regretful after telling them anything.

  • WLKHS1315
    Posted at 16:23h, 08 November Reply

    To me, it is not important to be popular. It is not important because being “popular” during school is not going to get you very far later on in life. Some people think that being popular is everything, but it’s not. What’s important is focusing on getting good grades and getting into a good college, not how popular you were during school.

  • wlkhs1319
    Posted at 16:21h, 08 November Reply

    Being popular really a big concern of mine because it inst what I really focus on and if being popular is being a jerk to others and being fake then it isn’t me. I tend just try to chill and laid back. In case of the story, nikki could have gained popularity from saying what Amy told her about harrison but she decided to be a good friend and not saying anything behind his back.

  • WLKHS1309
    Posted at 16:19h, 08 November Reply

    No because it does not matter how many friends you have or if everyone likes you if all of your friends are fake.

  • WLKHS1413
    Posted at 13:59h, 08 November Reply

    I mean yes it is important to be because I like to be known and I like to be friends with a lot of people.

  • WLKHS1401
    Posted at 13:58h, 08 November Reply

    it is not important to be popular in my opinion. In high school it does not matter who the popular kids are, we do not realize it because we are in high school now so we do not have experience in the real world. When we are older and look back on it then we will understand that it does not matter.

  • WLKHS1218
    Posted at 21:51h, 07 November Reply

    I do not think it is important to be popular, I do not think it should be avoided but it is more important to have a solid group of friends that you can trust and have fun with. As long as you can trust your circle of friends then popularity should not be an issue at all and you should be focused on improving friendships rather than popular status

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