Popularity and peer pressure

In general, most people like to hang out with other people who have similar tastes, qualities, values and interests. But, sometimes popularity and wealth can muddle our thinking and choices. After all, popularity and wealth often bring people social status, which feels good to many people. The question is, “Do you value social status?” What is important to think about is how much you value social status and what you are willing to do (or not to do) for it.

For example, some people just assume that being more popular will be a good thing so they are willing to hang out with people that are popular to gain some of that social status, even though those popular people may have hugely different values than that person. As a result, a person may end up doing things or saying things that go against some of his/her values in order to gain social status.

Let’s be real: social status makes some people feel comfortable, or powerful, or well liked, or…. what do you think it makes them feel? Some people don’t value social status as much, even though it feels nice, they don’t seek it out. Everybody is different.

In order to do what is right for you, think about the following questions:

1 What values are important to you?

2 What traits are important?

3 What priority do you place on each? (Perhaps make a list of values and traits you honor in order of importance.)

4 Are you keeping to your priorities with your friends? Or, are you sacrificing your values in order to gain popularity or social status?

In addition, social status is linked to another area of teen angst in the friendship world: peer pressure.  Peer pressure can challenge our values as well.  Peer pressure is when you feel pressured to do something because your friends are doing it and you are worried that if you don’t go along, your friends won’t like you as much or will view you differently.

The best way to avoid peer pressure is to hang out with people that have similar values to you.

By choosing friends that have similar values, you are less at risk to be asked to do something that goes against your values. You are less likely to feel peer pressure.

The best friends are friends that like you just for who you are, not for compromising your values to please them.

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How important is social status to you?

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What's being said

  • WLKHS 1409
    Posted at 16:04h, 17 December Reply

    Social statuses don’t really matter to me, I don’t care if I am popular or not.

  • WLKHS1114
    Posted at 00:44h, 09 November Reply

    Social status is not very important to me. I don’t really care about social status, and as a result, I don’t hang out with people to get a better social status.

  • WLKHS1305
    Posted at 16:28h, 08 November Reply

    My social status is important to me because it will show people what I am like and what I like to do. If I have a bad social status people could think I’m not fun and that I’m boring or mean which i am not. I always interact with everyone I can and always try to start a conversation with people I don’t know so I can make new friends.

  • WLKHS1306
    Posted at 16:26h, 08 November Reply

    Social status is not really important to me, yes it feels good to feel powerful and be popular but to me it does not really matter, if my friends were not popular, that would not make me like them any less. I would not care what my social status is, as long as I have real friends, that’s all that actually matters.

  • WLKHS1101
    Posted at 14:01h, 07 November Reply

    Social status is not important to me. Being popular is a waste of time for me.

  • WLKHS1101
    Posted at 14:00h, 07 November Reply

    Social status is unimportant to me. I do not care for popularity nor whatever my social status is.

  • WLKHS1101
    Posted at 13:56h, 07 November Reply

    Social status is irrelevant to me. I do not care about being popular nor whatever my social status is. I’m me and I don’t care what other people think about me.