Bonus YSS: Do I have an eating disorder?

You’ve read the posts and maybe now you are thinking, Do I have an eating disorder? 

Checking in with who you are in a given situation is what YSS is all about! So, good job!When you read about a new topic and you begin to wonder how much it applies to you and even your friends, then you are really mastering the material. That’s great because you are finding meaning in it and seeing how it might fit into your world. That is the first step to creating a better life overall—thinking about what you’re thinking about.

Does an eating disorder play a part in your world? Did you relate to the warning signs? Or maybe a friend is doing some of those things?

If you are worried at all that you may have an eating disorder or if you are really feeling stuck and out of control and very emotional, then reach out to a friend, a parent, a professional, a teacher, a counselor—anyone whom you trust. You can even contact Chris ( who struggled with an eating disorder in her teens (See her story posted as a bonus YSS). 

Here is a list of organizations that you, a friend or a parent may find helpful:

Academy for Eating Disorders, 

ANAD (Anorexia nervosa and Related Eating Disorders) 

NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association), 

Binge Eating Disorder Association, 

Eating Disorder Coalition, 

The good news? You are well on your way to feeling better and gaining more control simply by realizing, Hey, maybe I have this issue. Don’t be afraid to take the next step.

BTW, if you are really unsure if you have an eating disorder, we have included a brief eating attitudes quiz in the next Bonus YSS to help you get a better picture of where you stand. But again, if you have any doubts… reach out!!

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