What Would U Do: Eating Disorders

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Your friend looks really unhealthy these days. He’s gotten very thin, looks tired and you notice he can hardly do anything in gym class. You would…

Every day?

Gathering all the information like a detective, aren't you? How many meals do you have with him?

That's a good friend.

You may need to go back and read the eating disorders posts. Maybe the two of you can do it together!

Always a solid option.

You are concerned. They might know more than you.

When will it be?

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Your girlfriend starts excusing herself to the bathroom after every meal you have together. When she returns, her face is all red and her breath stinks. You even begin to notice small scratches on the back of her knuckles… You think she is throwing up her meals. You would…

Really? How about you join her at the computer and read the whole eating disorder section of this website?

A short term strategy because you want to do something... but we know more will be needed to really solve this problem.

Your that kind of friend that wants to get to the heart of the matter. Just make sure you do it with heart.

We know, it's a tough topic and you are right to want to say something. Your friend will need your support and... more straight talk at some point.

You are compassionate. A good friend.

Friends are a good option when you can turn to them for help (not to start rumors). We know you are trying to help.

Always a solid option.

When will it be?

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You don’t like the way your two year old bathing suit fits. You would…

Have you read about puberty? Don't forget you gain weight as you grow up.

Exercise is always good... but for the right reasons. Out growing a bathing suit after two years might not be one of them. Make sure you are being healthy.


Check in with yourself: you need to grow during your teen years. Most young teens out grow clothing after a couple of years. Make sure you realize that.

We don't!

Excellent state of mind.

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