Ending cyber-bullying behavior

Stop the Madness.

Behavior can be hard to change simply because we’ve trained the brain to BE one way and not another. This often happens when you have simply followed the crowd and “gone with the flow.”  Then, all of a sudden, usually after reading these web pages, you realize, “Wow. I do that all the time and I really shouldn’t.”

But behavior can always be changed. YOU have the choice to do something or not. And guess what? Being AWARE that you want to change is the first step towards changing behavior. And you’ve already done that. So cool. On your way. Let’s keep going

Awareness is also going to be your best friend during this process of change. That’s because these days we text almost without thinking… and that can lead to sending messages that may not really be in your or someone else’s best interest. They are thoughtless… because you don’t think about them before you send them. But now that you know you want to change behaviors you are going to have to THINK. That means simply pausing before you send or post anything. 

When you are doing anything online that is directed towards another person (i.e. you aren’t doing your homework) stop and think before you hit send. Ask yourself: What is my intention? Would I be upset if I received this text? What if this message were written about me? How would I feel if I saw something posted like that about me?

When it comes to online behavior the golden rule you learned when you were in kindergarten is a great guiding principle.  

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

So from now on, when you are on-line or texting ask yourself, What is my intent by posting/sending this? Am I being hurtful? Or, just as important, Is the fun I am having in posting this coming at the expense of hurting someone? If the answer to that last question is “yes”  then you need to reconsider posting it.

The Bottom line is:

Take your time and think. Are you being kind?


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