What Would U Do: Cyberbullying

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You get a text saying something nasty about someone you don’t actually like, you would:

You're a "what comes around goes around" person, huh? What's going around for you?

Are you going for the winner of the "What I do doesn't matter" award. Why?

Hmmm... how will that feel to that person?


Strong. Nice. Proud.

Question 2 of 3

You hear about a false social page that someone created that makes fun of someone. You would:

Ha ha haaa.... what if you find out it's you on that page?

Wow. Have you read this section on Cyberbullying yet? Or tuned into your own empathy?

Curious one aren't you?

Pat your self on the back.

Half way there... keep reading the Cyberbullying material. And maybe a bit on resilience....

Wow. Be proud of your decision.

You've got this Cyberbullying stuff down. Nice. (This can be done anonymously, too, ya know.)

That's a good idea, too. How far would you go to help this person deal with the consequences of the site?

Question 3 of 3

You really want to visit a site that all your friends visit but your parents won’t let you. You would:

You've got amazing will power. Great job. Did you also talk to your parents about why they don't want you to visit it?

Hmmm... interesting.

Have you read the morals chapter yet? Just asking.

Sometimes it's hard not to peek, but telling your parents is noble.

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