Media influence on body image

Um… whatever guys, the past is the past. All the beautiful people I see today are skinny and look perfectly healthy.

Just because someone looks good doesn’t mean they are healthy, Taylor!  

Yes, but they get all the attention, which is like totally what I want. I mean come on, have you ever seen a fat model that boys are drooling over?

 Actually, I have noticed that some models these days are bigger than in the past.

That’s true, but let’s still be real, the majority of “super models” are super thin. I don’t even think they look good they are so thin.

Yes, the media images of “beautiful” definitely favor being thin. But that thinness is not reality.  Almost every photo you see in a magazine today is “photo-shopped” meaning it has been altered from its original form to create an image that may look more appealing but is not actual reality. Therefore the images that young teens are looking to achieve are not real images! Teens are looking to be something that actually doesn’t exist, except that teens think it exists because they see it in a magazine, on a tv screen or on Instagram. However, almost everything you see and watch has been digitally altered or the people in the pictures have been prepped for SEVERAL hours, styled, re-styled and lit to perfection.  

Some people are a waking up to this and realizing that the impact this is having on our youth is demoralizing and wrong. The makers of Dove want every woman to feel confident in her own beauty. That’s why they have started the Dove Real Beauty campaign. The link here was part of that campaign. It shows just what advertisers do to create the images that you see and believe.  Watch it.  We promise it will be two of the most eye opening minutes you will spend.


(Here is the full campaign in case you want to see more 

Now watch the two video links below.  They are just as interesting and thought-provoking.

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What did you think of the videos? Were you surprised? Do you think advertisers should be able to do that? Why or why not?

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