Body Image

Updated January, 2019.

Nicki, do these jeans make my butt look big?

Excuse me? You’re tiny, Taylor, your butt could never look big.

OMG, it totally does sometimes. And I am not tiny. I was thinking I might need to lose some weight.

Are you for real, Taylor? You need to gain weight. Like me.

Whoa… now who is for real? You don’t need to gain weight, Steve. What are you talking about?

Oh you know, I’d like to bulk up some more. I’m too scrawny, especially my arms.

Butts too big and arms too small, what is going on?

What is going on? Most teens these days all seem to have something about their bodies they don’t like. That’s sort of normal but it is also concerning because people with poor body images are at risk for developing an eating disorder (which is covered in a separate post).

This section is going to cover body image: how people perceive their body and its appearance. 

In this section you will read about:

What is body image?

The history of beauty

Media influence on body image

Gender differences in body image

Body dysmorphia

Developing a better body image

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What is body image?

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