What Would U Do: Body Image

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Your friend is starting to look dangerously thin. You would....

Being blunt is one way to handle it, but how might she feel about that?

Friends often have to do the tough stuff.

Okay, but what zone is "risking your health and life?"

You're being sublte, eh?

Do you let her know that you talked to them? How might she feel?

Question 2 of 3

You have to change in the locker room for gym where it's all open, no privacy. You would...

Bulky? Awkward? Smelly?

What other option is there?

It's challenging and precarious but it solves the problem for you and does say to everyone, "Don't look."

Do you practice at home and time yourself? Ha ha. We're so funny.

How's that working for you? Clever and funny, but a bit suspicious after a few weeks....

Question 3 of 3

A magic fairy lands in your bedroom and grants you the ability to change one body part. You would...

Please read Body Image in full.

We think you may have to repeat it for the fairy. That was a little too fast.

You rock. So does your body. But you knew that.

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