Soothe Stress 4: Quick releases

One of the greatest ways to beat the stress is to release it. Energy resides in the body for a long time. But when we learn ways to immediately release the stress, then it is less likely to take up residence in our mind and body, causing further harm. Here are few quick and easy stress release ideas:

Deep breathing: This is a good first step when stress begins to invade. This kind of deep breathing differs slightly from the mediation and mindfulness exercises described above. Here we are suggesting that you simply take a deep breath or two when you are about to take an exam or text that cute girl you’ve been eyeing all year. Just slowing things down with a few deep breaths can help your mind think more clearly.

Go for a run/exercise: Many forms of exercise help with stress because they “express” the stress out of your body. You release cortisol when you are stressed and exercise burns it up. Without the exercise the cortisol may remain in your system. In addition, exercise is a good everyday form of stress prevention, much like making deposits in your “stress-free” bank account.

Play loud music, write in a journal, take a walk in the woods: These are ideas that get you to escape the immediate stress and to let your mind “de-clutter.” Once you free your mind of overwhelming thoughts, you can then start to think about the situation with a clearer mind.

Also, sometimes simply imagining yourself as separate from the stress can help you to contain and address it. Look at the stress. What is causing it? What can you do? Relax and unplug as you allow your mind to drift and come up with solutions. Einstein found many of his solutions to his most difficult problems when he did something creative instead of thinking too much about the problem.

You may come up with your own idea that fits with one of these quick releases. Maybe grooming your pet or watching a sad movie helps you to take a step back from the stressful situation. Whatever works for you is great.

Remember, stress serves a purpose in small doses. In larger doses, it is an invader and you need to protect and defend your SELF. It is the only SELF you have; take good care of it.

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  • wlkhs232307
    Posted at 17:40h, 01 March Reply

    My best stress defense is sleeping, it always helps to give a new outlook on the situation when i wake up.