A tricky business

What are secrets? And why are they such a sensitive subject?!

secret: n. 1. something that is kept secret, hidden or concealed


(aka: super sensitive, confidential info. We’re talking spy-material.)

…Well, they’re not always super sensitive private info, because in fact, secrets come in all different shapes and sizes. They range from deep and dark to shallow and silly.

Regardless of their level of intensity, one thing’s for sure: almost everyone has secrets. So if most of us have them…what’s the big deal? Why do people make such a fuss over secrets? Why is knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em so tricky to navigate?

People keep secrets to help others, to protect others and/or themselves, to avoid conflict, to avoid rejection or ridicule, to manipulate situations, and even to gain favors or rewards. Secrets can test your loyalty, honesty, faith, friendship, and honor—that’s why understanding secrets and how to handle them is an important area to cover: how you handle secrets will tell you a lot about yourself. 

When might you keep a secret from a best friend? When might you tell someone your secret? When is telling a secret really the right thing to do?

The answer to these questions are not clear, as there are no set rules; everyone has their own morals and standards (Did you read Book 1 of the Your Self Series??). This is why the first step to mastering this tricky business is to figure out who you are when it comes to secrets. A good first step is to think about your own secrets and then think about how you would want someone else to handle that super sensitive, confidential info (spy material or not). This is, yet again, another example of you flexing those empathy muscles!

Post Question:

Has anyone ever told one of your secrets when you asked him or her not to? What did that feel like?

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