Updated November, 2018.

Nicki come here! I’ve got the best secret to tell you! I just heard that Destiny has a massive crush on–

 Whoa!! Hold up Taylor! Are you sure you should be telling me this?

Why? Don’t you want to know?

Well, it’s not that I’m not curious, but, well, does Destiny really want me to know this?

OMG Nicki!  Don’t be such a goodie-goodie! Of course Destiny doesn’t want anyone to know this: it’s a secret!

Then why are you telling me?

Geesh… You know Nicki, sometimes I just do not get you!  Here I am trying to share something with you and you go and get all… weird on me!

Well, secrets are private.  I don’t like it when people tell my secrets.

But not all secrets are bad, Nicki. Like when someone is giving a surprise party or something for someone.

No, those are happy secrets, like a party or a college acceptance. Those are different. I’m talking about secrets that are not meant to come out. Like say..Destiny’s crush. Those are not meant to be shared.

Nicki, secrets are a part of LIFE. Everybody has a secret about themselves!

Where do you stand on secrets? As you will learn, the way you choose to deal with secrets says a lot about you as a person; it is a reflection of your character, and of yourself. Steve has a point: almost everyone has a secret, so what’s the big deal? In these sub-posts, you will explore the various facets (meaning, aspects) of secrets. Some secrets may not be a big deal and may be a part of getting to know someone, strengthening friendships and bringing people together. While other secrets, when shared, may break those connections to the friends and people around you. Read on to discover why secrets can be such a sensitive subject and to figure out the best way for you to deal with your own secrets and the secrets of others.    

A tricky business

Sharing secrets

When is sharing, caring?

I’m a secret in a bottle, baby

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