Boys: you’re up…

The average age that puberty begins in boys is between 12 and 16. So don’t freak out or panic if you are slow to mature—it’s normal. If you read the post about girls (you did read it, right?) then you know that they generally start things a bit earlier. But, in the end, you all finish in your late teens. 

Here you will learn about basic body changes so you are prepared and knowledgable. If you have concerns, definitely speak to your doctor about them. 

Hormones!!: During puberty, if you are a boy, special hormones show up and  work together to cause your body to grow and change from a child to a teen to a young adult. Most notably, testosterone is released to increase your height and body hair growth, to enlarge your penis and testes, and to start sperm production. It also is the hormone that can make you feel more aggressive as well as more, well, “frisky.”   

Testosterone is the male sex hormone produced by your testicles that aids in the development of the male sex characteristics.

What is sperm? Sperm is the male reproductive cell that your body creates to help a woman become pregnant (also called spermatozoa). Semen is the whitish fluid produced in the male reproductive organs that contains sperm.

The hormones released during puberty can cause skin problems (yes, pimples) and will also cause the growth of facial, underarm and pubic hair. (Ask someone how to shave properly if needed.) You will also begin to perspire more and your sweat will likely begin to have a distinct oder to it—can you say “Deodorant please???” 

Body growth: Can you say “growing pains”? You may grow as much as 4 inches in one year. Ouch! Seriously, it can hurt. You will reach your full height by age 18 or 19. Your voice changes too, becoming deeper (you may experience some variations in tone/pitch during this process). This is because your larynx is growing larger and thicker as well! Think of your larynx as your voice box in your throat. 

Your penis will grow larger and your body shape will change as well. Your shoulders will grow wider, your neck muscles will strengthen. ALL your muscles will strengthen! You will gain weight. Your body needs the weight (and the nutrition!) to build your body into the man you are about to become. If you feel self-conscious because your body doesn’t look like “his” body, don’t! Your body is about you. Take good care of it by eating well and exercising. 

DID YOU KNOW? A temporary swelling of breasts is NORMAL in guys around the time that their voice changes (around age 14). This is only temporary—unless, perhaps, you are overweight.

Penis and personal experiences: When your penis gets hard it is called an erection. You may also ejaculate. This is when the semen comes out of your penis. Sperm, found in your semen, is what fertilizes an egg (the egg come from the woman), resulting in a baby. You may get erections for absolutely no reason at all, like when doing your math homework. Who knew? This is totally normal!! By the time you finish going through puberty you will have better control over your erections. You may also experience “wet dreams.” This is when you have an erection while you are sleeping and you ejaculate. Wet dreams are also called nocturnal emissions. 

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