What Would U Do: Puberty

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You best friend is starting to go through puberty (you can see the body changes happening). But the thing is, you don’t think your friend has a CLUE as to what is going on. You just get the feeling that your friend is majorly scared and majorly confused. You would:

What if you felt confused? Would you want your best friend to leave you there? Just asking.

What is your responsibility to your best friend?

Although this may be awkward, we bet that you are going to handle it well as you clearly have empathy for your friend.

Because you would want your friend to make fun of you right? What would you want your friend to do for you?

Well, that avoids the awkwardness (maybe) and you are getting your friend some 411. How do you think your friend will feel when he finds the book?

Which episode: Natural Disasters or Gorilla Mating Habits?

If you have a trusted adult to share with whom to share your concerns, you are on a solid path to helping your friend.

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If you are a girl: Your 5 year-old little brother is looking at you sort of strangely. Then suddenly, he starts laughing his head off, points at your chest and screams, “OMG!! You’re getting those things like mommy!” You would:

He still may point at you when your parents find him and you are grounded in your room.

The hills are no place to face puberty alone. There are no bra shops.

Deny, deny, deny! An understandable tactic, but just make sure you are not denying it to yourself. And how can you be sure your little brother is not going to do the same thing to your best friend due over any minute?

Good to keep your sense of humor about things and good to let your brother know what is appropriate or not, because who else will?

Totally get that, but what if they are not at home? And are you okay with the attention your chest will now receive by your parents in front of your brother?

Yes, by walking away you may be avoiding a fight with your little brother. Just know, that by ignoring it, he may do it again.

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If you are a boy: You’ve just started to go through some changes but no one really would notice... except for your Aunt Matilda who upon walking into your house, takes one look at you and screams, “Oh my little baby!!! You’re not a baby anymore!! Look at you?!! You are getting so mature!!! Have you started to grow a beard? Hairs anywhere?” You would:

How deep?

A solid tactic in trying to avoid more embarrassment, we get it. Just know that by answering her, she may continue to ask questions like this.

Are you comfortable with that? If so, answer away! If not, remember you do not always have to answer people's questions. You have a right to your privacy.

If you say this in a playful way, we bet she'll get the hint and change subjects. But what if she doesn't?

Ouch! Do you feel good about that response?

Changing the subject does try to avoid awkwardness and is socially needed at times. Just make sure you are able to keep the right boundaries with your aunt in the future.

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