Prescription drugs in general

Prescription drugs are controlled by the government. They are not available over the counter like the previous sub-post covered.  A doctor needs to prescribe (officially provide the permission to a pharmacist) these medications to you in the form of a prescription (official doctor’s order) in order for the pharmacy to sell them to you. They are controlled by the government because they can be very dangerous and/or addictive if not used properly.

Unfortunately, prescription drugs have become a preferred high for teens (and adults, but preteens and teens are the focus here!) for a few reasons.

First, some teens think that since the drugs are legally prescribed, they must not be dangerous. 

Second, taking them does not have the same stigma as taking “street drugs.” (Street drugs are illegal drugs.) 

Third, people feel less shame when using prescribed medications rather than illegal drugs known to be used by street addicts. 

But consider this: There is only a slight difference in the chemical make up between the street drug heroin (in its pure form, not mixed with anything), and a prescription for hydrocodone, an opiate (painkiller) that is synthetic (man-made). 

Recap on that:

Prescribed pain meds are legal.

Heroin is NOT legal.

Most prescribed pain medications are opioids JUST LIKE HEROIN—they are all derived from the opium poppy plant. (see more here)

The brain and body can become dependent on opioids, no matter the form (heroin or prescription). 

The next few posts will address some prescribed medications that are often abused. They are grouped into three different categories: sedatives and tranquilizers (these depress the central nervous system), stimulants (these stimulate the central nervous system), and pain medications.

Post Question:

Why do you think people take drugs when they know the drugs are damaging their brains and their bodies?

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