What Would U Do: OTC and Prescriptions

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You are at your friend’s house studying for a final. You and your friend are majorly stressed. Your friend leaves the room and comes back with a pill and some water. He offers you the pill, saying it’s his parents’ and it really helps him to calm down. You would:

But you don't even know what it is… a vitamin? A herbal pill? A prescription medication? Always know what you are putting into your body. How about asking first?

But you don't even know what it is… a vitamin? A herbal pill? A prescription medication? Always know what you are putting into your body. How about asking first no matter what happens to your friend?

Always good to inform your self and to know exactly what it is you are taking. It's up to you to decide if you want to put in your body. It could be harmless, it could be harmful. Know for sure which one it is.

That's totally your right. Now you don't have to stress about what could happen to you when taking an unknown pill.

Being direct and honest is honoring who you are. That's being a good friend, to him and to your self.

If in doubt about what to do, parents are usually a good source of advice. Good for you for being concerned about your friend.

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You’ve been feeling frustrated a lot lately and having trouble concentrating. Your parents suggest being tested for ADHD. A few weeks later, they take you to your doctor to continue the conversation and bring up the idea of taking medication. You would:

Having some strong feelings? It can all be overwhelming. Don't ignore your feelings but maybe try a different approach?

Good for you for listening well, but how about advocating for your self? Don't forget that you have a right to have a voice in your care.

Good thinking. You have aright to discuss your health and know what you are doing.

Wow. That's really strong. Being the best that you can be is best achieved with full knowledge of all your options. Strong.

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You are at a holiday party with your parents. It’s pretty boring. You don’t know anyone there. Some of the older kids though welcome you into the TV room where it seems pretty cool to hang out. As you get to know them, a purple drink shows up and they offer you some. You are pretty sure it’s a cough syrup concoction. You would:

Did you hear us moan? Please don;t drink unknown concoctions from unknown people.

Because you may ruin your self. Taking an unknown drink is dangerous, especially when you think is may contain DXM.

You don't want to drink it but you also want to fit in. That's understandable given the situation. What if there is someone else there feeling the exact same way? maybe if you are strong enough to say "No thanks" they will feel able to do so as well. Just a thought.

Good for saying "No" but do you feel good about lying? Are you okay with them thinking that's who you are?

Good for you for going your own way. Are you chilling out to see that everyone remains safe? Or are you chilling out because you are curious about what will happen? Or because you don't know where else to go? Just something to think about.

That's a solid decision, perhaps not easy since you are back to the boring party, but definitely one that kept you true to you.

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