Nutrition III

Updated October, 2018.

Malto..dex…trin, whey, mono..sodium glutamate, diosodium insinuate, dissodium guanytate…

What language are you speaking Steve? Are you learning a new one?

No- it’s English. Or it’s supposed to be, I think. I’m reading some of the ingredients off of my chip bag.

Really? Where are those things?

I don’t know. And I’m afraid I don’t want to know!! They sound pretty scary.

Steve has a point- some of the things added to foods these days can be pretty scary and many are definitely not healthy for you.  But you have control over what you put in your body, so knowing a little bit about labels, drink choices and the ingredients in certain foods can help you make some sound decisions about what you eat.

As such, this post is going to cover…

The low down on labels

Drink choices

Snack food versus junk food

Organic versus natural

Animal versus plant protein

Different diet styles

The MIND diet

Top 7 tips

Top tips on a budget

Remember, you have the power to make decisions that are right for you. The following information will help you to make smart decisions around food, keeping you healthy and full of energy!

Post Question:

How do you choose what to eat? Do you think about what is in it first, what you feel like, both? Or do you just eat whatever it available?

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