What to do if you think that you or someone you know has a mental disorder

I read all of that stuff and all I can think of is that I have all of those disorders!

I know what you mean. But I guess if we can stand back and think about it, then maybe we are healthier than we think.

Just being able to consider at these descriptions and then think insightfully about yourself, is a sign of mental health. And you are right: Reading all of this can make you feel like you may have an issue here or there. That’s normal.

However, if you are genuinely concerned, here are a few ideas to help.

First, keep reading for more information on several of these mental health concerns (see anxiety, depression and suicide posts) and much more can be found on the Internet. Becoming informed (without becoming afraid or paranoid) is a good first step.

Second, speak with a counselor, parent, trusted adult or someone at your place of worship. Let them help you figure out if you or your friend may need professional help.

Third, do not let anyone talk you into the idea that therapy is wrong, or for sissies or any of the negative stereotypes out there. The truth is, therapy has worked for years. With the right professional, help is possible.

Finally, be supportive of yourself or the person who may have a mental health issue. Support and genuine concern and compassion is the best medicine to help someone work through and overcome issues.

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What would you do if you thought you knew someone with a mental disorder but were not 100% sure?

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