How to recognize the symptoms

People who use inhalants regularly may start to show signs that they are “malfunctioning.” But some of the signs are subtle (not easily noticeable), others more visible:

-Sores around the mouth

-They smell like chemicals—either on their breath or clothing

-Unexplained paint stains on the hands and face

-Empty containers of spray cans or aerosols, etc.

-Loss of appetite and/or nausea

-Drunkenness without the use of alcohol


-Lack of coordination

-Slurred speech

People who use inhalants also experience signs of addiction, both tolerance and withdrawal. Tolerance is when a person needs more of the same substance in order to feel the original high. Withdrawal are the symptoms a person experiences when he or she is no longer taking the substance but the body wants it.

DID YOU KNOW? 12 and 13 year olds use inhalants more than any other kind of drug. Don’t be one of them, and know the symptoms so that you might be able to recognize and help someone in need.


If you suspect that someone you know is abusing inhalants, seek help from a trusted adult right away. 

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