What Would U Do: Inhalants

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You are sitting with your friends during art class which you are all finding really boring. Your art teacher is droning on and on and on about some 18th century dead artist. Who cares? One friend opens up the glue jar and takes a huge sniff. He starts laughing immediately. Your other friend grabs the glue and does the same. Afterward, he hands it to you. You would:

Kill a few brain cells during art class - seem like a good idea? Yes, sniffing glue is dangerous. Maybe consider telling your friends?

Do you always pretend with your friends? Are they really your friends if you have to pretend? Will the teacher know you are pretending if she sees you? Just asking the questions.

Good for you for not doing it. Saying something is tough but, just remember, you did just hand the glue to someone else. Does that mean you are passing the option on to him?

Bold. That will make the class more interesting for sure.

That does make a statement. Good for you.

How long can you ignore everything? That lecture will still be boring and your friends are still putting their brains and bodies at risk.

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Your younger brother is in the kitchen with some of his friends. They are making such a commotion you have to go in and see what all the fuss is about. When you get there, you can see that your friends are daring each other to do a whippet from the whipped cream can. You would:

Role model? We think not. Don't forget you could be modeling death from sudden sniffing death syndrome.

Nice. That's what older siblings do.

Is this a test for your sibling of some sort? They are both egging each other on - does it matter who goes first?

Will you ignore the calls for 911 too?

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Your friend shows up at your house acting strange, again: she claims to be seeing things. Lately she’s been having big mood swings along with a lot of nosebleeds. You kind of hope that doesn’t happen again at your house and, you’re in luck! She doesn’t get a nosebleed but she starts vomiting. You would:

Did you really just answer that? Good to tell your parents but telling them about your friend is more important than the vomit duty.

You should be! And good thinking to tell your parents. help is needed here.

Will you still keep it secret when she dies? Or when she moves on to other drugs? What is your responsibility in caring for your friend?

Well, at least you are going to alert your friend… when she sobers up. Will she? Are you sure her health is okay?

That's a wise decision. You are not a doctor and her parents should know.

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