What is ecstasy?

Ecstasy is the slang term for the pill form of MDMA. So what is MDMA?

MDMA (methylenedioxy methamphetamine) is the abbreviated name for the active ingredient in the popular drugs ecstasy and Molly, also known as X, E, Adam, Eve and a host of other names typically associated with the word “love” because this synthetic (meaning man made), mind-altering drug is most known for the feeling of fondness it brings for other people. MDMA acts both as a stimulant and as a hallucinogenic (a hallucinogenic drug causes distortions/changes in a person’s reality).

Those feelings of love and bonding stem from the way MDMA interacts and affects neurotransmitters in the brain associated with good moods and bonding (serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin).

Molly is supposed to be the pure, powdered form of MDMA, that usually comes in a capsule. But, the truth is, because Molly is in a powdered form, it is much easier for drug dealers to “cut” other addictive and even toxic chemicals into the powder, making it far more dangerous. And that “cutting” can happen anytime along the chain of dealer to dealer to dealer. So by the time it gets to the user, who knows what is in that capsule.

MDMA is also the active component in ecstasy (a pill), but ecstasy is also not necessarily pure MDMA either. Because ecstasy is manufactured directly into pill form, no cutting and adding of toxic chemicals can happen after that. However, that doesn’t mean it’s safe – one pink smiley face ecstasy pill can contain something entirely different than the next pink smiley face pill.

According to an article by Newsweek, the Drug Enforcement Administration reports that of the 143 substances thought to be molly and then analyzed between 2009-13, only 13% actually contained some MDMA. And some is a critical word there- even when the substances contained MDMA it wasn’t always pure.


Not only does this mean that you could take something that could kill you but, if you live, something that might lead to addiction. After all, the drug dealers want you back for more. Pills could be laced with extremely addictive and dangerous substances such as neurotoxins, PCP (acid), heroin, cocaine, amphetamines. Sometimes you could be getting pure PCP rather than what is considered ecstasy.

This is a big deal considering how available Molly and ecstasy is becoming today and, also, how it is being marketed to teens: ecstasy comes in bright pretty pills with smiley faces and hearts stamped on them. Meanwhile, musician’s and other celebrities seem to promote its use.

Although rock stars have referenced drugs in lyrics for years, the media is now taking a closer look because many young people have died from various forms of  MDMA, in particular. The popularity of MDMA among teens is stellar. It is the rising star of illegal drugs but also the rising star of teenage deaths.

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Would you ever willingly take a toxin (a poisonous chemical)? Why then, do you think so many people willingly take drugs that may contain toxins?

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