Bonus YSS: Paula’s Story

When I was in college, I had the unfortunate experience of having someone slip some drugs into my drink. Here’s what happened….

I was out with my good friend. We were actually celebrating my 21st birthday. Since I managed a bar/restaurant while in college, I knew a lot of the local restaurant managers. So, my friend and I went to a few bars that evening to see friends. We also had a camera and took a lot of pictures. Hey, it was my birthday! At the last bar, we ran into a great friend of ours who ended up hanging out with us for the next hour or so. He witnessed our transformation. And likely saved our lives.

Basically, at some point, someone had slipped some drugs into our drinks and we began to feel the effects of it late at night. Our friend could tell something was wrong and being a really good friend, he suggested he drive us home and stay with us to make sure we were alright. He did and we were. But the next day, as we woke up to prepare for a soccer match, we could barely stand up straight. The drugs were still in our system and making it difficult for us to gain our balance. Playing soccer was nearly impossible. Needless to say, I was pretty miffed.

The next day, I developed my roll of photos. And guess what? We caught the whole thing on film. Let’s just say, the situation was handled properly. Looking back, my friend and I were extremely fortunate that our mutual friend, who was a super good guy, came along when he did. I have no idea what could have happened to us – well, I have an idea, so I’m really happy we didn’t find out.

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