How your decisions impact others…

How do your decisions affect other people?

But sometimes you do need to think about not only your intentions (are they good or bad? What am I trying to achieve?), but who will be affected by your decision. 

When you consider cheating on a test, you may initially think, Hey, I can get a better grade if I cheat.  Bonus for me!  But then you may want to consider the impact that has on those around you, The test is graded on a curve, so if I do really well because I cheated, my friends will get a lower grade because I cheated. Also, the teacher will think that I know this material well and will expect me to do better in the future AND she will think that she taught this material really well, but actually part of the reason I am considering cheating is because she totally fluffed teaching us this material….

With everything that you do, considering the impact on others is essential, otherwise your intentions can often go astray and hurt other people.

So, as you make decisions, try to consider each person that will be impacted and imagine how each person will feel. This will also exercise that empathy muscle you have!

To sum up this entire subject, when you are faced with a decision, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Who am I in this situation? How will all 10aspects of my self respond?

2. What are my intentions (good, bad or otherwise)?

3. What are the consequences (risks and rewards) to my decision?

4. Who else is impacted by my decision and how will they feel as a result?

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Describe a time when you made a choice that negatively impacted someone else by accident. How did it make you feel?

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