Decision making

Updated November, 2018.

Hey Nicki, why do you look like you’re stuck in a time warp?

Hi, Steve. I can’t decide between the chocolate cookies or the fruit for dessert.

Well, considering you have no other fruit or veggies on your tray, I vote for the fruit. You’ll feel better.

True. Thanks.

I’d go for the brownie, personally. You only live once ya know! 

 Yeah, but I’d like to live it well. Which is why I appreciate your advice on that decision of mine. 

Whatever. My big decision is always outfit-oriented anyway. I don’t want to give off the wrong impression.

Does it really matter what other people think?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. That depends on a lot of variables. But when you are making decisions that tell the world who you are, then yes, it matters. Take the following examples into consideration:

*Tamara dates all the basketball players. She has a reputation for being _______.

*Frank was mistreated as a kid and is full of anger and hurt. He enjoys making fun of, and sometimes beating up on, other kids in school. Frank has a reputation for being a _____.

*Mr. Blake, the science teacher, is an easy A. He sleeps during class, teaches you nothing and gets away with it. Mr. Blake’s reputation as a teacher is _____.

In the above examples, each person made decisions to behave a certain way. We all have choices in life—some benefit us, some…. eh, not so much. Can you see how the actions (and decisions) that these people made tell the world about who they are? People make judgments and assumptions about others as a result of the choices they make every day—all the time. What do your actions say about you? 

Moreover, and most important, life is directed by the choices (decisions) we make everyday—all the time. How well are you directing your life?

This topic consists of the following posts:

 Aspects of the self that go into making decisions

Be creative to find choices that work for you

Weighing the consequences

When you make a bad decision….

What are intentions…

How your decisions impact others

As you weave your way around these posts you will be learning about all the pieces of you that go into making decisions. But take the challenge first!

CHALLENGE: List all the variables that you believe go into your decision-making process. Then read through the posts and see how many you listed compared to what you learn. 

Post Question:

What do you think qualifies as a “good decision?”

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