Bonus YSS: A story for discussion

Natasha entered 9th grade of her new school as a straight A student. She was also pretty, nice and a great athlete. She became the target of a group of girls who had previously ruled the school. They didn’t want Natasha to gain in popularity, which they thought would ultimately decrease their social status.

They threatened Natasha. They sent mean text messages and even posted embarrassing pictures of her online. They spread a rumor that she was a lesbian so the popular boys wouldn’t ask her out. They also told people she had poor hygiene and trashed her locker to prove it.

Natasha was afraid at every turn she made. Her grades began to slip. All she could focus on was her safety. The girls would often wait after school and block Natasha’s ability to board her bus. She would have to walk. They threw stones at her off campus.

As her grades slipped, so did her enthusiasm. Natasha felt depressed and lonely. Her family had always been so supportive and her friends at her old school so nice. She had no idea what to do.

Other students see what is happening and it scares them.

David, Raul and Anthony all liked the popular girls but couldn’t ignore what they were doing to the new girl. It was obvious.

Didi, Dione and Eleanor were all in classes with Natasha and knew what was happening. It bothered them, but they had no clue as far as what to do.

In fact, pretty much everyone in the school was aware of the situation.
Even the people doing the bullying can begin to question their actions.

Steffie, a girl in the popular group, was beginning to feel uncomfortable and tried to stop the aggressive behavior. As a result, the other girls ditched her and began to spread rumors about her as well. Now Steffie’s grades began to slip.

Now you finish the story. Does Natasha drop out? Begin a destructive behavior? Or worse? Which one? Will Steffie do something? What about the guys? Might they get involved? What would you like to see happen? What would you do? What would you hope your school would do? Should your school get involved? Write about it.

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