What Would U Do: Bullying

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If you saw someone being physically bullied, what would you do?

Practicing in case it's you next time?

Not your problem? When will it be? Where do you draw the line?

Suggested activity: look up the meaning of empathy.

Brave and Bravo.


Good thinking.

Question 2 of 7

If all your friends ignored a person, what would you do?

It's tough to go against what your friends say. It's also tough to be ignored.

Good for you.

We want to be friends with you too.

What are your enemies like?

What is your business?

Question 3 of 7

If you were being bullied and you discovered a way to humiliate the bully, would you?

Understandable that you want the person to feel your pain, but What's that saying about "two wrongs....?"

You seem to have a grip on your morals.

Do results make something right or wrong? Or does the intent? Hey! We always ask questions!

Question 4 of 7

If you answered “Yes” to the question above, what would you do to humiliate the bully?

No comment.

No comment.

No comment.

No comment.

We don't want to know.

Question 5 of 7

If your closest friend were being severely bullied, what would you do?

Power in numbers! But maybe too empowering to the bully.

We stand by you! Difficult to do, but good for you.

Always a reasonable option.



Wow. Uh. Well. Maybe a chat with a trusted adult works too.

Is that what you would want your friend to do?

Question 6 of 7

If a bully were incessantly (constantly) making fun of something you loved (Justin Bieber, Twilight, your hair gel, etc), what would you do?

That stinks.

Yes. Be Your Self. That's good, unless it makes the bully laugh, continue and then you feel worse.

We understand, but we think your thing is cool too.

Bold. But good because showing that the bullying doesn't bother you is the fastest way to get the bully to move on to someone else.

Question 7 of 7

If you were being shunned (ignored harshly), what would you do?

A wise tactic indeed. But how ya feelin'?

Doing nothing seems to feel bad.

Wise, even when shunned.

Okay, but the "trying" may be difficult.

That's a wise decision as well.

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