What Would U Do: Trauma 201

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When you hear that Joe is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, you:

This may keep you from feeling uncomfortable, but Joe is struggling. Do you feel ok letting someone struggle?

Well your empathy has kicked in, just not hard enough for you to do something to help. Is there anything that you could see your self doing?

Bravo. What will you do if they don't know what to do?

You are being supportive. That's great. What will you do if he doesn't want to talk about it?

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Jamal is your classmateIf who you know has a really tough home life. If you saw Jamal being bullied or punished for something that really wasn’t a big deal but you felt like people were picking on him because he can be tough himself sometimes, you would:

When will it be your problem? What would have to happen for you to get involved?

How do you step in? What do you say and to whom?

offering your support is helpful. How can you and jamal figure out what to do in the future?

Way to voice your opinion. Is there a reason you don't voice it to Jamal as well?

Question 3 of 3

If your friend confided in you that she was attacked as a young girl by a man who is still her neighbor, but she never told anyone. You would:

Seeking the help of an aunt is usually helpful, but think first about why your friend hasn't said anything to her parents yet. What is she afraid will happen? Are you breaching her confidence if you go straight to the parents without her consent?

A good approach- why do you think she hasn't done this yet?

How do you think the neighbor will respond? Do you think that is safe?

Hmmm... would it be something you could forget? By forgetting it, does that put anyone else at risk from this neighbor?

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