What Would U Do: Trauma 101

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You and your friend are out walking when a friendly dog approaches (he’s the neighbor’s dog and you know he’s not aggressive). Your friend freaks out and hides behind you. You would:

Hmmm... does that match with your history with this dog? What should determine your response?

Hmmm... you are empathic, but maybe a bit too much? It's good to recognize that dogs CAN be scary, but also that they CAN be friendly. How can you negotiate the two?

Good to share your experience with your friend, but how do you feel when people force you to do things? getting your friend to pet the dog could be helpful, being too forceful about it can have a downside.

Helpful comments. What can you do to help your friend now?

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You watch the news and see a report on a school shooting. Suddenly, you are anxious about going to school and can’t sleep at night. You keep imagining a shooter at your school and are scared about what would happen to you and your friends. You can’t focus on homework and you can’t focus on school. This has been going on for two weeks straight. You would:

Hmmm, would you say that to a friend?

Good thinking, but what if they don't take you seriously?

A good start. But if things don't get better, what next and when?

Way to be proactive. What next if you still feel off-kilter?

Using your brain. Well done. What if you don't like your counselor?

How long will you live like this? When will you do something and what?

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Your close friend tells you that she was on a date with a boy from another school and he got really aggressive with her, forcing her to kiss him and pushing her around a lot. He’s been showing up at their school lately and bothering her. She’s scared just thinking about facing him. You would:

Nice support! Bravo. What happens though if the principal is a dud?

And what happens when word gets out that you are responsible for someone being injured? Can you think of a less violent way to start?

But you will be by her side the whole time, right?

How well equipped are you to deal with someone who is violent?

What do you think this will accomplish? what are you trying to accomplish?

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