What Would U Do: Suicide

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You find a suicide note in your best friend’s bag. You didn’t think he or she was even depressed, you would:

Imitating an ostrich are we?

Well, at least you are addressing it...

But who's laughing? Just sayin' - it's not really something to joke about.

How awkward is standing over a coffin?

Good friends... ones that you count on to help the situation and not turn it into a gossip fest. But getting help is a good choice.

Bravo! You are being a good friend.

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You find a suicide note in a distant friend’s bag (you asked if anyone had a tissue, she told you to look in her bag). You would:

When is it? Would her parents and friends think so?

Who jokes like that? Did you find it funny? Who would? Maybe reconsider just a tad?

Who does know her? Maybe you should investigate? Maybe you should get to know her?

Good thinking. You can never be too safe on matters like this.

Good thinking... maybe talking to someone she doesn't know well is just what she needs. Maybe knowing that even someone that doesn't know her cares will be a good thing.

If you were feeling low, is that what you would want? Good to say something, but maybe revamp the approach?

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You were cruising around Instagram looking for cool pictures and saw some images associated with death. Then you realize that over the past few weeks you have only tagged images that include death. You didn’t think you were suicidal. You would:

Whoa slow down... good start asking your self "WHY?" but not good to jump to conclusions. Maybe take a deep breath and talk to someone.

That's one strategy. What's the nest step?

Confiding in a friend is proactive. Good thinking.

Very proactive. Good thinking. We're big fans of journaling...

Interesting approach... just how do we think that is going to help?

Maybe it is just a phase. Only you will know. But then again, what brought on the phase? Are you ok with it? How do you feel in general?

Good thinking. Parents can be a great source of help... and who knows maybe your whole family just has a "thing" for the macabre as art?

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Your friend has been acting strangely the past month. He never wants to hang any more, he doesn’t look like he has slept in months and he hardly returns your texts. When he does, they are very depressing. You were about to ask him if he was suicidal. But suddenly, he seems really cheery again. You would:

Um... this is actually a high alert situation. Often people who "seem better" are not better because they have a goal in sight: suicide. We suggest you don't forget about it.

Um... this is actually a high alert situation. Often people who "seem better" are not better but now committed to attempting suicide soon. Don't wait until he gets moody again. It may be too late.

Good idea not to ignore the situation. Asking friends is a good start. If you don't find any answers there, take another step.

And if you don't find any? And if you do? People who commit suicide often have an "up" period right before they do commit suicide. You might want to check in with him, not just his backpack.

Good thinking. This situation calls for some help

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